Negative attributes                     Positive attributes

Yell when  mad
Negative outlook
Self centered
No career
No money
Low self-esteem


Lack of support can ruin your life. No confidence means you will never try. you won’t chase your dreams, assuming you will fail, like you do at everything… Can’t even get to work on time. Can’t even take care of your own child. You will never get a chance to thrive, to pursue what makes you happy, cause you would fail and it would be a waste of time. Your whole life has been one big waste of time.


Life in infancy

Legs kicking like a babe again. Maybe this is what infancy feels like. Cry the same in the end. and I still get put down at night. But I wish I was never born. My brain and body are torn. I am ready to crawl into my grave. Never felt so fucking brave. I feel jealous as the cemetery passes. The rest of the masses. While a child blows kisses, I laugh and let them float west. The coast stays where I left it. and the anxiety remains under my skin. I scream and throw a fit. Please don’t let me get born again. don’t let me be born again.

Life is but a bad dream…

It has been a while…. for many things. I just wither. I do not let myself experience joy, only around Her. Because around Her, I feel human again. I feel like I am where I am supposed to be. Near Her. Loving Her. Guiding Her. Teaching Her. Hugging Her.

Then she is gone. for another week. And most times we part ways she says “I just want to go to your house and be with you…but I can’t.” All I can do is say “I want you to be with me too, more than anything. I’m sorry.” I am powerless. My heart breaks over and over again.

She knows she is supposed to be with me. She wants to come back home, back with Her Mama. But She doesn’t understand why She can’t. And as a parent, its the worst feeling to hear your child say she misses you and wants to be with you, and you can’t even be there for her, with her.

My parents have turned on me. They are fighting in court to adopt Her. They WANT to keep my little girl, forever, away from Her mother, where She wants to be. They want to keep their daughter’s daughter, for no reason other than that they finally spent more time with her (because they were kinda forced to) and they fell in love with her. For no reason other than their selfishness.

I am not a threat to my daughter. Everyone who knows me, knows that. Everyone who saw me with Her knows how much I looked after her. She always came first.

I can’t believe this is happening. This has to be a bad dream. I just need to wake up. Please, someone, wake me the fuck up! THIS CANT BE REAL. This isn’t reality, is it?

Why “fullofhate”?

Because I hate the society we live in, which consists of objects, systems, people, and politics, most of which I hate. Of course, there are those rare people and objects within society that I love, or at least tolerate. However, in my experience, society is full of hate, and I live in that society.

It goes without saying (yet I will say it anyway) that my experiences differ from others. I envy the ignorant (or at least I wish I did). I envy people whose parents were always there for them. I envy those who have a support system in place. I feel sad when I see a little girl, riding on her father’s shoulders, smiling and giggling.

I get stuck thinking about how my life, how my daughter’s life, could have been different if only I hadn’t done this, or my parents hadn’t raised me like that, and on and on… I have trouble letting go of the past, because I cannot forgive myself, and the people in my life who have hurt me and my future, have yet to seek forgiveness. I wish I understood, or that they understood, whoever needs to understand, I wish they just would.

This beautiful little girl:


Her name is Raelynn. I gave birth to her in 2010, with intentions on having her adopted. I changed my mind when they left me alone with her overnight. I fell in love and have been in love with her ever since. Her and I spent every single day together from birth until December 5th, 2013, when she was physically abused by someone her and I trusted, while I was gone, paying the rent. I came home, it was dark, and supposedly she had just woken up from a nap. About 15 minutes later, the “babysitter” left, and I checked on Raelynn. I picked her up, and she screamed a scream that I wish I could forget hearing. I knew she was hurt. I turned on the light, and my heart started beating faster and faster as I saw more and more bruises all over her head. I then noticed she wouldn’t move her arm. I took her to the hospital. She had a fractured rib, an inflamed pancreas, a fractured arm, and multiple bruises. CPS took her from me, gave her to my parents, tried terminating my rights, but changed their mind after they saw the bond between her and I. However, they did not give her back to me. I have cried everyday since.

Today, I am still fighting to get full custody back. After losing my child, I lost my apartment because I took time off from life. I shutdown. I didn’t know what else to do. Everything I did was for her. So I was left with nothing. CPS provided me a list of hoops to jump through, which I have been doing ever since. However, now that my parents have been forced to spend time with her, they fell in love with her (of course), and are making everything harder for me to get her back. They are making false accusations against me, and if anyone knows how CPS works, all heresy is valid until proven otherwise. I hired a private attorney.  I have gotten back on my feet and have even started a business of my own, which so far has been successful. The fact that I am still fighting for full custody is ridiculous. But that is how CPS works, they get paid for every child they adopt out, so unless you work REALLY hard, dance when they tell you to dance, and retain private counsel, you stand no chance of getting your child back because they will NOT do everything they can to reunify families, because adoption is where the money’s at.

My daughter did not deserve to be abused by someone she trusted. She did not deserve to be moved out of her home and away from her mom, who she spent every day with. She did not deserve to have her routine completely interrupted. She did not deserve to suffer.

I am suffering, and I wish I could have suffered what she suffered, rather than her having to suffer all of that. I feel awful. I feel angry. Then my mind takes me to dark places. I am very good at talking shit about myself.

Hope is the only reason I am breathing these days. Hoping that one day, hopefully very soon, Raelynn and I can be happy and together every day again, like we were before that day in December. I hope that as she grows up, our bond will grow as well. I hope I can help her cope with what happened to her when the long-lasting effects of the trauma she experienced finally come to surface.

I will never forget her cries when they took her from me at the hospital. And I remember, when she was a newborn, swearing to her that I’d always be there. I need to be there for her, always. I promised. No one should have the authority to prevent me from keeping my promises.

I love you, Raelynn, one day you will understand how and why our lives changed so suddenly. No one loves you like I do, nobody has the authority to change that.

I swear! if only they would let me…

Whole worth, gone at once,
in just one moment…
all the while, supposedly knowing….
this coming Fall.

and every second,
I guess,
I am told,
was spent in ignorance…

writing with limp fingers.

they will show you, there is nothing to fear
and never will they hurt you,

or love you…
or ever truly know you.

you are smarter than them,
you will see how meaningless this has been.

Now, we are waiting,
and they are watching
the distress and desperation
stained on my face,
While I see them gain
every loss I am forced to take.

and this December
will be just another
month you remember,
I was not present.
I will be lonely,
and they will be silent,
but another year will have gone by…

Knowing too, that love is pain,
i love you endlessly!
and their meaninglessness grows thicker.

fuck writing, each fall I become more bitter,
and by Winter I am frozen, in a constant state

of Resentment, remembering,
nothing can stay,
the pace will change.

and all of this will only give you
reasons to fear everyone.
for you and i, we were stable,
and they’ve severed our roots.
now unstable.

i hope you’ve found comfort in our memories!

my family, the one i bore,
our blood flows thicker
than the water in their veins.
and I swear I will help you through this!
if only they would let me…

the two of us at home, where kids can cope…